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Thương hiệu: POWER & GRACE
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  • Simultaneous control audio, video and light, GrandVJ video mixer, LightJockey light controller.
  • 120 channel inputs, 120 channel outputs, equipped with 5-segment stereo equalization, low cut and high cut filters, threshold and compressor with band-pass filters.
  • MADI transmission, 6 stereo auxiliary transmissions with audio and video before/after effect connection, 24 stereo output distribution 8-point full surround XY audio and video plus a central channel and sub transmitter.
  • Each channel has a fader and a -60dB high-definition stereo level meter, and any input channel can be allocated to any or all output channels at the same time.
  • The 8 main output channels can be routed to any hardware output device, while the other 16 output channels can be used as the pushers of the subgroup and VCA and returned to any 8 main pushers.
  • The inputs of the main amplifier and mixer are internally separated to 24 monitoring consoles, makes it possible to monitor 72 channels of stereo mixing, each of which has an overlay equalizer, a dynamic processor, and 6 channels of auxiliary sending and returning.
  • Each monitoring console has 8 main stereo output channels, so 16 channels can be used as subgroups.
  • 25 mixers layers, supporting up to 28 workstations for 28 users.
  • Physical dual engine-virtual mixing engine with 64bit fixed-point computing technology, Direct and VST protocols seamlessly, seaming hot backup.
  • TCP/IP remote network, the system can be controlled by remote notebook through Ethernet cables and hubs or switches, or wireless system.
  • Support mainstream audio production software, compatible with WAVES software.


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