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  • Power: 1200W Continuous at 8 ohms Passive Subwoofer Loudspeaker.
  • Maximum SPL up to 130dB.
  • It is a super low voice loudspeaker system that provides very high power for low-frequency sound expansion.
  • There is one 18-inch long stroke low frequency unit in the inpidual acoustic box, which can load a large amount of power for a long time.
  • The box is made of 18mm high-quality plate
  • The support is strengthened in the interior of the box
  • Produce very small vibration when working in high power
  • A very shocking performance under very low distortion
  • It can be used in many occasions the sound needs, such as: small flow amplifying system, sound system of the conference room, the small hall sound system, radio, KTV club, theater sound, complement classroom, company office (FOH) in small pa system and distributed system installation etc..
  • The box has set up a number of pre installed components for the installation of the loudspeaker for selection, safety and fast
  • It is mainly used for voice expansion, stage back listening, or distributed sound expansion system

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