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Thương hiệu: TK AUDIO
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Mã SP: MC-500







  • Designed in accordance to ISO and IEC914.
  • Single, multiple and many groups can be used simultaneously.
  • Normally it’s workable for 50 units in each main unit.
  • The system can be extended to 150 units at most.
  • Built in feedback inhibition circuit.
  • System can be easily configurable speech mode: Free mode or Limited mode.
  • All microphone can speech free and together in Free mode, user can choose 1/2/3/5 microphones can speech together in Limited mode.
  • RED indicator light on the MIC
  • Equipped with balanced and unbalanced circuit output socket and both sides circuit output socket for connecting other kind of equipment.
  • Install in 19-inch frame.


Versatile for all small to med size meeting.


Plug and Play


Easy Setup even for non-trained people


Intutive User Interface


Concentrate on the real things


Tiêu đề
Hotline hỗ trợ: 02473036818
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The MC-500 combines easiness in setup and use with professional TK-AUDIO audio quality. The modern and elegant design to fits any meeting room. Reliability and ruggedness are two of the main features of the system. The system is modular with different goosneck options. The Main Unit connects to all relevant devices like PA, recording, external audio sources and camera control system. Different working modes free or controlled speech, as needed.


TK AUDIO – a brand owned and manufactured by Honeywell, Audiovisual pision. It is committed to provide to customer around the globe with reliable, user friendly, highest quality and lowest cost competitive audio system that are in accordance with Honeywell internal and international standards. Honeywell Audiovisual is affiliated to the Honeywell Building Technology under Honeywell International Group (Group Fortune Top 500), with a registered capital of 11 million US dollars. It is a well-known manufacture in China. Honeywell Audiovisual system creates a mission to provide a more complete, safer and more efficient public audio solution for all customers who use voice as the means of disseminating information or improving the environment.



Conference System Main Unit

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