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Thương hiệu: TK AUDIO
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  • Sampling frequency of 96 kHz, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-Bit A/D and D/A conversion. 
  • With compression, amplitude limiting and noise gate functions. 
  • Routing function can be set for input and output channels. 
  • Some of all functions of Mima locking panel operation can be set through the “System”ey of the panel to prevent the operation of irrelevant personnel from damaging the working state of the machine. 
  • Provide 4 microphone amplication inputs with 48V phantom power supply. Provide analog, digital AES3, optical fiber and coaxial output. 
  • A single machine can store 30 groups of user programs. 
  • Adopt full-automatic trap mode to quickly find and suppress howling frequency points. 
  • The working mode can be switched to through or suppression through the BYPASS/ON button on the panel. 
  • Automatic narrowband notch feedback suppression. 
  • Each channel has 12 independent fixed filters and 12 dynamic filters, and the number fixed or dynamic filters can be set by the “System” key. 
  • The number of current howling ponits can be displayed through 48 LED howling point indicator on the panel. 
  • Single machine provides 30 sets of parameters of equipment data storage, storage compression, amplitude limiting and noise gate. 
  • After shutdown, the howling suppression state before shutdown can be saved. 
  • Adopt liquid product screen to display setting parameters. 6-segment LED precision digital level meter displays the output signal size. 
  • Set the display function of LCD screen to 144 x 32 and provide 6 LED display output levels. 
  • User can edit number of fixed and dynamic feedback points at will.


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