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NEO PA/VA EN 54-16

Thương hiệu: LDA
The EN 54-16 public address and voice alarm system LDA NEO is a compact, all-in-one, cost-effective unit. Its plug-and-play philosophy reduces time and costs as it makes very simple the installation, maintenance, and operation of the system. NEO represents cutting-edge technology in EN 54 PA/VA systems and uses innovations that ensure its viability in the present and in the future. NEO is the first EN 54-16 certified system to be manufactured in Spain, setting the precedent for others to follow.


1. Colour touch screen of 4,3”

It offers a fast and intuitive access to all the main functions of the system.

2. Supervised emergency microphone
Integrated Push-to-talk (PPT) microphone of high quality and supervised (connection and capsule).

3. Monitor Loudspeaker
The audio inputs in NEO or the audio routed to each zone can be monitored in real time with this built-in speaker.

4. Dual pre-record message player
With an internal memory of 4GB, NEO can store hundreds of messages and play them manually or automatically. 2 different messages can be played at the same time in different zones.

5. Internal Digital Audio Matrix
Digital Audio Matrix 40×1024, that allows a simultaneous and independent routing of any of the audio inputs to any of the zones.

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Hotline hỗ trợ: 02473036818
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