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ONE PA/VA EN 54-16 EN 54-4

Thương hiệu: LDA
ONE is a complete PA system and voice evacuation, with EN 54-4 battery charger integrated in a single device. It has an innovative Wall & Rack design that allows it to be mounted on both the wall and the rack, according to the needs of each project. The ONE system is very easy to install and configure, without the need for external applications, and integrates perfectly with third-party technologies.


  • Digital 6×6 audio matrix, expandable.
  • With two configurations for 100/70 V lines up to 500 W. Backup amplifier included.
  • EN 54-4 battery charger with 12 V 18 Ah battery.
  • 3 audio inputs (BGM or mic) + 1 mixed input. Noise gate and control activation.
  • Paging station input up to 8 MPS-8Z multizone microphones or VAP-1 voice alarm panel.
  • Dual message player for pre-recorded messages EVAC + ALERT. Phased evacuation. 10 minutes storage for pre-recorded messages.
  • Access control by LCD display.
  • Wall & Rack design, easy to install. Plug & Set mode for PA/VA EN 54.
  • 8+2 GPIO ports (supervised for integration with Fire Alarm Control Panel).
  • Attenuators control 
  • 4 pre-amp outputs for external PA amplifiers connection
  • DSP: 3/7-band input/output parametric equalizer, loudness, LDA sound enhancer, independent volume control per each input and output master.
  • Line terminators without return for supervision.
  • Failure detection and indication in all emergency functions. USB backup/restore and emergency log
  • Designed and made in Spain by LDA Audio Tech.
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Hotline hỗ trợ: 02473036818
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