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Scati Door Controller


  • The SCATI DOOR CONTROLLER (SDC) is a door controller specially designed for the control and decoding of multi tech card readers. 
  • It has a set of digital inputs and outputs through which the different elements associated with an access point (magnetic contact, electric lock, opening button, etc) can be monitored and controlled. 
  • The SCATI DOOR CONTROLLER works in online mode, connected to the SCATI MASTER CONTROLLER family of controllers through an RS485 communications bus. 
  • Its small size and mounting options, DIN rail and metal enclosure, offer flexibility for installation in different environments. 
  • It has remote firmware upgrade capability, facilitating the deployment of ad hoc firmware versions according to the needs of singular projects. 
  • It also offers several software-managed auxiliary inputs and outputs, providing greater flexibility. 
  • The SCATI DOOR CONTROLLER has the capacity to manage an access point in single or dual mode, allowing the connection of two readers (input and output).


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