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  • Built on Windows, they are part of a fully scalable solution and are designed to work with any ONVIF camera. 
  • Management of up to 32 megapixel cameras with total stability. 
  • PoE switch integrated in the equipment with up to 16 PoE ports. 
  • Advanced image processing algorithms incorporated. 
  • Up to 4 3.5" HHD surveillance disks and up to 40TB of storage 
  • Maximum throughput of 279 Mbps. 
  • Functionalities that allow continuous health and operational monitoring are incorporated. In case of failure, they notify technical alarms. 
  • They allow simultaneous video server to multiple clients and limit the transmission of information according to the available bandwidth. 
  • Format designed specifically for large distributed installations.


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  • Based on IP technology and within the SUITE VISION, these NVRs of up to 32 cameras have an integrated PoE switch to facilitate the commissioning of the cameras connected directly to the equipment, which provides significant cost savings. 
  • As the recording needs are different in each project and in each customer, using cameras of higher or lower resolution, having to record for longer or shorter periods of time, continuously or by events, all SCATI VISION recorders allow configurable storage with disks specifically manufactured for use in video surveillance. 
  • The use of H.265 compression algorithms means that the images stored in the recorders require less storage (up to 40% less compared to other manufacturers using H.264) and that the transmission of images over the network can be carried out in a much lighter and smoother way.


VSJ-W10-G508Video recorder-player and editor for 8 cameras. Expandable up to 16 IP channels with software license. Up to 40TB storage. Switch PoE integrated in the recorder
VSJ-W10-G516Video recorder-player and editor for 16 cameras. Expandable up to 32 IP channels with software license. Up to 40TB storage. Switch PoE integrated in the recorder
LIC-IP-1CHSoftware licenses on SCATI VISION recorder/server. 1 additional IP channel

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