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  • SCATI MASTER CONTROLLER (SMC) is an IP controller for the management of I/O modules and their communication with Scati Sentry. 
  • It provides capacity to process up to 16 SDIO-12 modules. 
  • Its performance and technical features correspond to the most demanding requirements of access control environments for enterprise applications. 
  • It is supported by a software platform based on a Windows 10 IoT operating system, enhancing the security and scalability of the system. 
  • The SMC has an Intel® / ATOM® processor family and includes two gigabit network ports for primary and secondary communication with the host. 
  • All network communications are done through HTTPS (TLS) encrypted protocol, protecting the controller against potential network threats, as well as facilitating the implementation of the controller in compliance with the highest security standards within organizations. 
  • It supports both static and dynamic IP addresses, using DHCP and DNS to simplify network installation. It has the necessary mechanisms to perform software updates remotely. 
  • The SMC offers full functionality to work both online and offline. 
  • It has a copy of the databases with all the parameterizations regarding the activation of relays, facilitating decision making without the need to consult the server. 
  • Mounting options: DIN rail and metal enclosure.


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